PORTABLE DISHWASHER Connecting the Faucet Adapter NOTE: A special adapter must be installed on the faucet before the dishwasher can be connected. Complete Installation Instructions and the adapter are packed with your dishwasher. (See the Installation Instructions.) When moving your dishwasher make sure the door is latched.
Cut down the dishwasher drain hose so it is just long enough to reach the smaller tailpiece on the air gap fitting. Connect the end of this hose to the air gap, using a hose clamp. If it is too long, this hose may need to be trimmed down to size to prevent kinking.
An air gap MUST BE USED if the drain hose is connected to waste tee or disposer lower than 18" above the floor level. Failure to provide the proper drain connection height with an air gap or 32" minimum high drain loop will result in improper draining of the dishwasher, which may cause damage. 4
Zurn 4 in. - 6 in. Air Gap Adapter Fitting. Model# AG-13 $ 200 00. New. ... $ 63 24. KRAUS Dishwasher Air Gap in Matte Black. Model# KAG-2MB $ 24 95. MOEN Air Gaps in ...